Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Flat-Twist Out...Lately

I hadn't talked much about my hair because I hadn't been doing anything with it except hiding it under Creta.  After wearing her for two and a half weeks I started to miss my own hair so on my next wash day, I washed and blow dried my hair. After trimming my ends, I put it in flat twists using Donna Marie Super Butter Cream mixed with a 1/2 tsp of Aloe Vera juice.

This is my first twist out since the end of the protective style challenge and boy did I get great results.  And although I got caught in the rain with no umbrella on the second day, I was still happy with how it looked afterwards. 

Flat twists and bantu knots are the go-to style for my natural hair because they offer great methods of stretching without having to use heat.

For myself, I find that random and crooked parts are best for take down because for some odd reason, my parts don't like to go away. if I make them straight. Crooked parts are easier to hide without having to fluff the hair too much which  often results in more frizz than I care for.

Here's a quick pic I snapped of my hair on the first day while I was at work. Sorry for the low quality. I was trying to work fast because I hate for people to catch me taking pics of myself. It's so awkward. 

And yes,  I'm still rocking the blue-black hair but my other hair color is starting to show through. Notice the hints of auburn in the front section. :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

My New Camera

31 x 31 | #12

I've always been into photography but only as a loving spectator and observer. Mainly, I've been drawn to photos of gorgeous landscape and architecture and I follow many of these types of photographers on flickr.

A year ago, I'd added the Canon Rebel T2i to my 2010 Christmas Wishlist in hopes that it would "magically" show up under our Christmas tree.  Well, it didn't.  Come to find out, Chief only browses my blog every once in a while and just my luck, that wasn't one of those times.  However, as the year rolled on and as the Canon T3i was introduced, I wondered why in the heck I was waiting on him to buy something that I wanted.

Truth be told I was nervous about the purchase and I'd rather him spend the money instead but I didn't want to wait any longer.  So for my 29th birthday, I decided to treat myself to lots of goodies and among those "treats" was the Canon T3i.

I'll never forget how I felt the day I purchased it.  When I clicked "submit order", I was literally sick to my stomach. Nervous excitement I suppose but this camera and I have been inseparable since it arrived. 

 The first time I ever used the camera for my blog was for the first three pictures of this post.  The others were taken with my Nikon point n shoot which I had been dying to get rid of. Can you tell the difference?

In order to hone and build my photog skills I've decided to start a photo project for the year that will begin Feb 1, 2012.  I'm not sure what I'll be capturing at this time but I suppose it'll be whatever captures me.  I'll be posting updates here on occasion but if you'd like to check in on my progress more often, offer a word of encouragement, suggestions or the like, check out my Tumblr and/or my Flickr. There's nothing there yet but in February I'll start getting down to business.

Canon T3i w/ my pal's 35mm lens and hood attachment (we were outside in the snow just before this was taken)

Curious about 31 by 31? Click Here

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Make Up Look| Purple Smoke

So, I'd been trying and trying the smokey eye and couldn't seem to get it just right.  This past week I decided to give it another go using my most favorite color: Purple! Eggplant in particular as I love the color temperature of this royal hue. Add the fact that it really compliments my green-grey eye color and this is hands down my favorite makeup look that I've  done so far. I was all smiles and at the end of the night I didn't want to take my makeup off. I think my skills are definitely improving. Tell me what you think.

Sephora Mattifying Foundation "Tan #35"
Blush: Coastal Scents Red Wood
Contour: NARS Casino

Base: NYX Jumbo Pencil black bean
Lid: NYX Eggplant; NYX Sensual & MAC Typographic on outer 1/3
Tear Duct: Sephora Aspen Summit 
Highlight: Coastal Scents Pink Mauve
Waterline & Tightline: Maybelline Live Express Pencil Ebony Black
Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black

Liner: Sephora Nano  Belle Beige
Gloss: NYX Whipped

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogs I Love| Edition II

I realized the other day that my daily blog list is getting pretty long and it's getting harder to keep up and stay updated but oh, how I try.  I also realized I hadn't shared my blog list with you all in a while.

I'll have to make this a regular thing on my blog--possibly every few weeks or so. Anyhow,  enjoy!

Girl With Curves - I discovered Tanesha's blog only in October but ever since, I've been enamored with her impeccable sense of style. And recently, she was featured on Forever21's billboard in Times Square.  How AWESOME is that!!

The "GoodHair" Blog - I've been a long time fan of TGHB and it's no secret. The fabulous Alex has such a regal look about her. Love her beautiful natural hair & gorgeous photos.  Need I say more? She's a young woman of the DMV (D.C., Maryland & VA for those that don't like in the area) whose definitely on the move.  Check out her online accessories shop, ALS, as well.

TheSeventhDistrict - Want to know whose wearing what in and around D.C.?  Check out Nicole at The Seventh District for insight on what's happening in and around our Nation's Capital.

Reading My Tea Leaves - Erin captures beautiful photographs of everyday things to which we'd otherwise pay no attention.  I discovered her blog through Erica's (RivaFlowz)  just a little while ago.  Ever since, I've been visiting everyday to find out what she's captured next.

Fashion Bananas - Delmy, another young woman with polished, classic style and great legs to boot. Not to mention, she's just all out gorgeous!  I'm especially in love with her outerwear digs. Check her out if you haven't already.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Combating the Winter Itch

The dry winter months can be brutal on your skin stripping it of the moisture it needs to stay supple and glowing.  Here are a few tips too beat the winter months and cure dry, flaky.

1. Bathe or shower in luke warm water
 Be sure that the water is not hot as hot water can dehydrate the skin causing even more dryness.  For added benefits while soaking in a tub, add a few drops of olive oil into the bath.

2. Oatmeal bath
Oatmeal has healing and skin soothing qualities.   A colloidal oatmeal works wonders for dry, winter-ravished skin.   Try products like Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment.

3. Use a moisturizer bar
Use soaps that are infused with moisturizers as opposed to those that are more harsh.  Regular soaps contain lye which only further irritates dry skin thus, exacerbating the condition. Go for a classic beauty bar such as Dove, Caress or Olay.

4. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, EXFOLIATE
Your skin continuously generates new skin cells and the older cells slough off at the surface to make way for the new ones at the surface.  As we get older, this process slows down and the cells can start to pile up which, in turn, causes the skin to appear dull and dry.
To exfoliate, gently scrub the skin with a salt or sugar scrub such as Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub and The Gingerbread Man by Philosophy to slough dead skin cells and reveal soft, radiant skin underneath.
Keep in mind that it’s possible to over-exfoliate which can also result in dry, irritated skin.  Exfoliating no more than 3 times a week should suffice.
5. Moisturize
 Add moisturizer to your skin while damp instead of completely dry.  Adding moisturizer while your skin is damp helps it retain & maintain moisture all day long.  Great natural alternatives to traditional lotions are cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil which also have healing and soothing benefits.

*images sourced from google

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year, PrettyGirls! | Hair Update

Alright, alright!  The blog "vacation" is over.  I needed to get my thoughts together, like, seriously!  After a few rousing conversations with family, a few pep talks from my bestie & sis and even a few hilarious encounters, I'm ready to jump back in. 

I hope everyone had a happy and wonderful new year!  Mine was great.  We spent the first two days of the new year, MJ free.  We love our  little guy but my mom was kind enough to take him for the weekend so Chief and I could spend some much needed one on one time.  But I missed him so much I was calling him every few hours "just to say hi". Lol!

~ ~ ~ ~

Since TheGoodHairBlog protective style challenge has ended, I've still been rocking protective styles-- or just one in particular.  Originally, I said I wanted my hair out and free but two weeks ago the cold air came ripping through this town and reaked havoc on my poor little curls.

Usually I'm able to keep my hair moisturized for at least seven days but that week, it only lasted for three.  I don't have time for the spritzing and all that rigamarole as I like to keep my regimen as simple as possible.  My wash sessions have also become quite tedious now that my hair is a bit longer and I just can't deal.  As a counter-measure to impatiently ripping through my hair with the denman, I decided to put my hair away for an undetermined amount of time.

Here's my current "style" :-) 
These pics were taken of me today as I was helping a friend test out his new 35mm lens. 
 I'm in love with it--the hair, that is.  How do you like it?
 p.s. excuse the no makeup face, this was very impromptu and all I had time to throw on was mascara, ha!
Creta Girl by FreeTress ; photos by Al Forbes

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