Friday, August 17, 2012

Natural Hair | My Mohawk This Week

At the start of the week, I styled my hair in soft waves and let it lean to the right per my usual hair swag.  I was a bit nervous about it at first but excited that it turned out so well as I hadn't used this method of styling since my haircut.  I have to admit I was really feeling my hair.  That was...until Tuesday when it rained.  The dew points were so low that day that even my hands felt moist the instant I set foot outside.  Even the most moisturized natural hair won't stand a chance against that.  The damp and rainy weather transformed my wavy, funky coif into a wiggly side-poof of some sort.
 A mess I tell ya!

I apologize for the low quality but I took these pics as I was on the go with my iPhone and the lighting situations weren't the best.

Unfortunately, that same day I'd also switched purses and didn't bother to transfer my "emergency stash" of bobby pins to my new purse of the moment.  That's the trouble with having natural hair on a rainy day and not being prepared.  But a few huffs and puffs and eye rolls later, I decided I'd wear my poofy hair proudly until I made it home.  Luckily, while I was out and about I didn't get any odd stares (that I'd noticed anyway).

When I returned home, I was able to revive it a little without going through the whole process of restyling.  This is how it looked the next day (Wednesday).  Not my ultimate best but I could definitely deal with it alot more than the "rainy day" natural hair mess. I wore a straight up mohawk through end of the week.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Natural Hair | How to Get Soft Waves with a Flat Twist Out

Over the weekend, I decided to go a little further in my wash and styling regimen.  And instead of my usual shrunken twist out, I decided to stretch my hair with the blow dryer and install some flat twists.  When I use the blow dryer to stretch my hair, I always love the results because makes my medium-low density hair appear more voluminous.  This is also a great way for me to loosen my curl pattern without using excessive heat.  Check out my results and the tutorial after the jump.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just A Moment In Time


Got a dream?  Whatever it is you're looking for or looking to do, don't wait because in terms of forever, our lives are but a moment in time.

As I'm sure you've noticed, time waits for no one.  The days and the years slip by faster than we realize and the next thing we know, we're another year older.  Just a while ago we were screaming "Happy New Year!" and now August is here. 

None of us can afford to sit around and wait for things to happen because they just won't happen.  You have to go and get it.  Whenever I have a feeling inside about something I want to pursue, I always turn it over to God to make sure that it lines up with what God is telling me and that it checks within my soul--that's how I know it's right and that's it's not just some idea that's "hot right now."

When I ask God to guide and direct my path, there are always signs that show me whether I'm doing the right thing or not.  Because even when I think something will or will not work out, I'll know better by what God is telling me.  And it all comes down to trust.  You can never say to God "Lord, I trust you but..."  There should never be any "buts" when it comes to trusting in Him.  With everything there must be a leap of faith for the Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith. (Hebrews 11:6)

Don't have the money?  Cant afford to just up and quit your job?  Waiting for "just the right time?"

Truth is, it'll never be "just the right time".  There will always be something that's standing in your way but it is up to you to push past those obstacles and put your trust in God to lead your path.  Many people have started ther dream careers as a side hussle but then they got out and began networking. (I recently realized the true importance of networking) and when you're doing things with passion people will take notice and the success will come. 

So don't let the sun set on your hopes and dreams.  Make a plan to go after them now because there is no time to wait.  Believe. Plan. Work.  Network. Achieve.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Love| Miguel

R&B singer Miguel began a stint of promo shows for his Art Dealer Chic project which consists of three albums titled Kaleidoscope Dream.  Earlier this week, he performed at Joe's Pub in NYC as Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview debuted on July 31st.

Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview is scheduled to be released September 11th and then, bringing it all together, the final release, Kaleisdscope Dream will be a full length album featuring five new songs set for release on October 2nd. 

Check out the official video for his latest single, Adorn, which has been on repeat on my SoundCloud playlist for the past month.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

LisaRaye - Look Alikes Part I

You wouldn't believe how many times since LisaRaye made her debut in The Player's Club and since the season of American Idol featuring Jordin Sparks that I've heard "Hey, you look like that girl from that movie!" and "You look like the girl from American Idol!"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guest Post: Let's Talk Natural

A young man by the name of Mark Savage recently launched his very own web series focused on the beauty of natural hair.  He contacted me regarding the web series asking if I'd spread the word.  After speaking with Mark and checking out what he had to offer, I gladly obliged.  I'm so happy to share it with you all and I hope that anyone that needs encouragement on their natural hair journey, is thinking about going natural or enjoys topics on natural hair will be able to take something away from it just as I did.  I love to find out about men that love natural hair.

Check out the commercial for his upcoming web series below.

Let's Talk Natural
By: Mark Savage

The motivation behind my web-series on naturals is to one, continue to produce positive media with people that look like me.  Two, shed a light on naturals and how they operate in their daily lives. Three, give them a platform to have healthy positive intellectual conversation and four, allow them to express themselves while having fun!!! 

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