Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Raven Symone - Look Alikes Part III

For this installment of the "Look Alikes" series, I'm covering Raven Symone.  This is one I don't get as often as I used to since she's slimmed down and her face isn't full as it once was.  I used to get it a heck of a lot more when she was filming "That's So Raven".

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twist & Curl Using Jane Carter Solution Products

Some time ago, I wrote a review on the Jane Carter Solution Defining Cream and my in my review I had almost completely written it off.  I did state a simple hypothesis at the time that this product may fair better when used in conjunction with another.  Since I have much love for the Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine and had recently purchased the Hair Nourishing Cream, I figured I'd give the Curl Defining Cream yet another whirl.

This jar of Curl Defining Cream pictured above is the same jar that I'd purchased a year ago. It's been living under my bathroom sink since my initial review and I hadn't so much as given it a glance.  Boy, am I glad I didn't give this product away before I had a chance to try it again.

This time around I decided to try a basic twist & curl by first applying the Curl Defining Cream on soaking wet hair, followed by the Hair Nourishing Cream and finally the Nourish & Shine.  I let my hair dry over night and took down my twists the next morning.  Here's how it looked after fluffing:


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review | Cargo Jet Lag Concealer

I'd been enticed by Cargo since trying their blushes and while purchasing some of the Cargo Color Sticks, I was also on the market for a concealer because I was fresh out and had been using my Smashbox BB Cream as a concealer throughout the summer.

 Simply because of the word Jet Lag and it's claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles over time, I just knew it'd get the job done. 

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