Friday, January 18, 2013

Straightening My Natural Hair | Taking a Day for Myself

straightened natural black hair

Oh my goodness, let me tell you!  For me, it's just been "one of those days" everyday of the week for the last few weeks.  I've been feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, emotional and downright grouchy.  On top of that MJ has been extra clingy.  I believe there is some part of my baby that knows he's about to not be the baby anymore.  

I have to admit that while I do enjoy my baby semi-reverting back to baby mode, I did appreciate the independence he'd begun to exhibit before we were expecting.  So what's MJ up to?  He wants to hold hands walking around the house and if we're not holding hands he expects me to be able to get chores done while he holds tight to my leg.  If I'm sitting, he must be sitting directly up under my arm or on my lap.

I do understand how he be must be feeling and I've been completely open to giving him the attention that he needs.  However, while catering to his and my husbands needs, I realized two weeks ago that I'd--once again--been completely neglecting my own.  I was in desperate need of a haircut, I wanted my hair straightened and let's not even talk about the horrid condition of my poor neglected feet.

One evening in particular just as MJ fell into a tantrum over not getting a bag of chips as he'd asked (I don't give in to those...I just leave the room to show him that's not going to get him want he wants.  We will further discuss my parenting tactics in a later post), Chief called saying he was on his way home from work.  Instead of the usually chipper, "Ok my [insert some ultra lovey-dovey nickname here], see you in a few!"  I immediately went into it:

"Listen, I don't know what you have planned next saturday, but whatever it is, I'm telling you now, you'll be taking Manny with you.  I'm making some appointments and I'm out of here on Saturday morning."

"Oh...Kay. Whatever you need, baby."

"Thanks.  See you in a bit."

The following saturday, with hair and mani/pedi appointments made, I arose at 8:00am and was out of the house by 9:00am.  Honey, when I tell you I came back home feeling like a new woman!  I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders all from a little pampering and me time.  A fresh haircut, straightened hair just a-swingin' with my feet and hands feeling like velvet with toes and nails painted a royal, deep purple.

Sometimes when you feel like there's no time for yourself, you have to not only make the time but take the time.  If I hadn't spoken up about what I needed, I would have continued to be run all the way down to the ground without any recourse.

So...that's my story.  Now let's change the tone here and talk about the hair:

Taking my natural hair from curly to straight is a relativly easy process.  My fine hair takes very well to heat and my stylist never has to fire the flat iron up too high.  After only two passes, my hair is literally bone straight.   

I'm definitely not one of those naturals that will run for the hills when heat and color are involved.  Hair is an accessory and though my main concern is ensuring it's health, I also like to be able to jazz things up and keep it interesting.  I'm still so completely in love with my shaved sides and I simply cannot WAIT to add a little more color this summer.  As you can see, the color I'd gotten last June has grown out significantly and I'm ready for something new.  This isn't how my hair was originally styled the day I got it done because I don't have the magic that my stylist does but this is how I've been rockin' it. Love!

straightened natural black hair

straightened natural black hair

straightened natural black hair

straightened natural black hair

What do you think?


  1. My nephew did the same thing when my sister-in-law was pregnant. You'd a swore he was her personal leg masseuse. I think all she did was increase the nap times and outtings with Dad to get her me time. Your hair looks bomb! as always.

  2. Awww! I remember when I was pregnant with my son. My daughter did the same thing. She didn't want me out of her sight! She always sat up under me and seemed to be more temperamental than usual. I think she knew there would be a new baby in town soon. They're 8 and 6 now and still both vying for all my attention lol.

    Your hair is beautiful! I love this look.

  3. Your hair is so pretty. Love that cut and style. You are so right about the me time. My mom is taking my son to Louisiana on Sunday and will keep him until Monday. I so need a break as well as some me time. I will enjoy every bit of it too!

  4. Looks beautiful! You are so right, sometimes you HAVE to TAKE time for yourself.

  5. I know your situation after having 3 kids:) i love your hair style we have kind of the same:) your is much longer ... Im growing out my sides and yesterday i took out my braids and flat ironed my natrural hair in the top.. I relaxed my sides because i wanted to grow Them out again it it would look horrible when i straighten the top and the siides are natrual .. But when the sides reach a Good lenght ill Cut oof the relax ends ., so its just a one time relaxing process

  6. i'll be straightening mine before i chop chop chop!!! i love the hair on top but i can live vicariously through YOU lol. omg ME TIME is essential. as a woman we are so nurturing in taking care of everyone else we neglect ourselves. whenever i feel too much tension comin on i KNOW its time for a me time date. i take myself out to lunch/movie (maybe shop) n ooooh chile' mani-pedi is loooove!!u look great n u deserve it :)

  7. Your hair is beautiful and you are stunning ;]. And I totally know what you mean about having to just take the time you need for yourself because I too have come to find that people aren't always going to go out of their way to give it to you -- that is until you shout it from the mountain tops! Thanks for sharing & great blog!


  8. Super cute!

    Morgan Ashley

  9. You have an amazing blog !!<3

    A chic kiss ;)

  10. Hair- ROCKIN!! Moms have to get their own time.For EVERYONE in the household's sake!

  11. Absolutely love it!
    So cute!

    Xoxo Lil

  12. My gorgeous doll face, oh how I miss thee!!

    How are you!!!


  13. GASPPPPPP!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? @lovenwright How are you girl?

    @Lillian, Tenifa & Denise: thank you!

    @amanda: thank you come back and visit some time :-)

    Tammy & Morgan: Thank you!

    @Kimberly...I agree. I'm still learning it but I'm trying not forget so much about myself.

    @City Girl & Kisha: thanks ladies!

  14. I'm new to your blog. Love the cut and style! I can totally relate to your need for "Me-Time" - I'm in that place right now...

  15. Very nice page, You are right we women need to take time for our selves, not rush time, just time. Its hard, but when we do.. we need to learn to keep doing it, and focus on making ourselves right. Their many things I'm learning to do (1.)Knowing if Im not right then things in my life arent right, and I cant have that.(2). if Im not right my relationship with people arent right, and thats my fault.
    Theirs a couple of things I will like to ask you...But Dont what to put it on your blog, Do you have an Email.

  16. I had locs for two years and recently picked then out one by one. My hair is still natural and currently cut like yours. I love my hair more now after seeing how gorgeous yours looks. I do wear my hair more straight than curly bc I don't really know many cute curly styles to rock with this cut. Any suggestions ?????

  17. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I've got the same cut but I've never curled it forward all the way. Will be trying this today.


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